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Dabang Delhi Hit 1 mn Followers On Facebook: Pro Kabaddi League Season 5

Dabang Delhi hit 1 mn followers on facebook
On TV, the pro kabaddi league has become an extremely popular, with 435 million viewers tuning in for its very first season. Over the past four seasons, a cumulative viewership growth of 51% has been recorded, which is the highest for any tournament of this kind in the country.

Another aspect where the pro kabaddi league’s popularity is on display is on various social media, where the Pro Kabaddi official page as well the individual team official page enjoy huge fan followings. Dabang Delhi are all set to become the first team to reach 1 million likes on their official Facebook page, showing the enormous audience craze for the team and the sport itself.

Dabang Delhi, of pro kabaddi league season 5 has now become the first ever team to hit the one million follower on their official facebook page. Dabang Delhi fans are eagerly waiting to see their team playing with the great start in the tournament and support their victory in season 5.

The team Dabang Delhi, is now undergone for a training season in New Delhi on 26th june 2017. The team is confident and plan to play with their new strategy mantra,‘Raid-Conquer-Defend-Repeat!’. Fans can look forward to see some ‘Dabang’ action from the team in this season of pro kabaddi league.

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SaumyaKhaitan, CEO of Dabang Delhi, said, “We have enormous confidence in the squad and are thrilled that one million followers on Facebook feel the same way. Dabang Delhi KC has always brought joy to their fans on and off the field of play. Our constant engagement with fans on social media has helped us cross the 1 million mark and we’re grateful to the fans for their support. With the fans backing us, we are focused on a win this season and determined to outperform any competition.”

The official Facebook page of the pro kabaddi league itself has nearly 9.5 lakh followers and enjoys heavy engagement numbers on social media. Other teams such as Puneri Paltan and U Mumba have good numbers of  likes on their official facebook page, which will increase promptly as the new season of PKL starts.

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Here are the Dabang Delhi team players that one million fans on Facebook chose to back:

Nilesh Shinde                                                                                                      Right Corner
Satpal                                                                                                              Right Corner
Sunil Kumar                                                                                                        Left Corner
Viraj Vishnu Landge                                                                                         Left Cover
Bajirao Hodage                                                                                               Right Cover      
Swapnil Shinde                                                                                               Right Cover
Tushar Bhoir                                                                                                       Right Cover
Suresu Kumar                                                                                                        Left Raider
Suraj Desai                                                                                                        Left Raider      
Rohit Baliyan                                                                                                        Left Raider                   Shubham Palkar                                                                                                Left Raider
Abolfazel Maghsodlou                                                                                      Right Raider      
Anand Patil                                                                                                      Right Raider            
Ravi Dalal                                                                                                      Right Raider
Vipin Malik                                                                                                            Right Raider
Rupesh Tomar                                                                                                       All Rounder
Tapas Pal                                                                                                        All Rounder
Vishal                                                                                                                All Rounder                  Meraj Sheykh                                                                                                        All Rounder              Chetan S                                                                                                        All Rounder
Yatharth                                                                                                                All Rounder

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